word guessing game with Twitter: TweetWords

Game Guessing Game with Twitter

TweetWords is a word game combined with Twitter.
I hope you are familiar or maybe using Twitter.
And your favorite games are word games like Scrabble.

So, you have to try TweetWords.

Some facts about TweetWords:

TweetWords is a word guessing game that uses the last 24 hours of the Twitter public timeline for scoring. We parse everything that gets posted to the twitter public timeline and break each post up by words. We keep only the last 24 hours of data. So we can easily pull the number of times everyone typed the word "twitter" in a tweet. The exact rules change each round, but there are some rules that are common every round:

* Rounds begin Sunday at 12:00 AM EST

* Each round lasts 7 days, ending Saturday at 11:59 PM EST

* You have until a set cutoff hour each day to enter a number
of guesses that you think will score high for that day (usually the more popular the word, the higher the score)

* Major data not included in stored data: http links, &###; codes.

The "normal" rules for scoring are (these rules can change each round):

* Your word has to appear at least once in the public timeline (no cheating! I can find cheaters).

* Base score is calculated for each word using scrabble-like points per letter.

* You get a bonus to the base score based off how often the word appeared in the timeline. Every 100 times it appeared you get +1 point.

* Cutoff time is at 11:00 PM EST

* Must enter 5 words per day

* You can use each word only once per round

These rules can change each round. You can also submit your own rules for possible inclusion (see normal.phps for example of creating custom round rules).


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