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Post: addictive flash games./February 06, 2008

addictive flash games

I decided to think back to some of the flash games i used to play a few years ago when i was super bored.

I used to frequent a site called Addictinggames and would spend hours searching for and playing flash games.

some of my favourites were bookworm

bookworm is kind of like scrabble, you have to make words out of the letters provided and just like scrabble you earn more points for certain letters and the length of the word. I think the reason this game is so addictive is because it can go on for so long, there is no time limit and it isn't easy to lose. its just nice and easy to play, a puzzler that doesn't require too much thought.

next is Bejeweled. Another simple puzzle game which now comes on most mobile phones. Bejeweled has a faster pace than bookworm, so it is a lot more engrossing. Bejeweled more often than not distracted me from msn conversations or whatever else I was doing online unlike bookworm which was just kept on the background just incase I got bore of everything else.

finally, I used to spend the most time playing Insane Aquarium. Insane aquarium is such a clever game were the user has to maintain a tank full of fish that excrete money, as the game progesses there becomes a threat from aliens and the reward for each level is a new creature that stays in your tank to help you complete the next level. this game requires the players full attention as there is so much going on at once that you can't afford to take your eyes off it. every action in this game are all done by the click of the mouse and so it is easily accessible to any player (who can use a mouse).

For me, what makes this game so sucessful is the fast pacing and the constant reward and it never gets too frustrating, this coupled with the cute aniamtion/graphics and the satisfying sound effects are probably what keeps me playing this game for hours.

Out of all these games that i used to play online, i think insane aquarium seems most like the apple catch game that we've been given. There is a dropping motion of the items and the static background and the moving characters (even though they are not controllable).

I'm beginging to see how the apple catch game can be turned into something as addictive as insane aquarium now.

ps. Sandy and Alan, what do you think of these games? (particularly insane aquarium!? i was thinking we could do something similar but with robots,)

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