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Post: Free Games: Scrabble / February 12, 2008

Free Games: Scrabble

This is my PC version of the popular board game Scrabble. You can play the computer at various strength settings as well as other players. Internet play is not supported. You can save games, take back moves, and other functions.

Dictionaries are available in several languages, and you can customize them yourself. (You only need to download the game once. To add more languages, download the appropriate Language Packs.)

If you have questions about Scrabble, please read the Scrabble FAQ before you send me mail. I will not reply to questions that are answered there.

Download Scrabble in Dutch Download just the Dutch Language Pack
Download Scrabble in English (US) Download just the English (US) Language Pack
Download Scrabble in English (World) Download just the English (World) Language Pack
Download Scrabble in French Download just the French Language Pack
Download Scrabble in German Download just the German Language Pack
Download Scrabble in Romanian Download just the Romanian Language Pack
Download Scrabble in Spanish Download just the Spanish Language Pack
Download Scrabble in Swedish Download just the Swedish Language Pack

* If you have Version 2.2, you have to download one of the above to upgrade.
* If you have Version 2.3 or 2.4, you can upgrade by downloading this smaller archive. Extracting this to your Scrabble directory will keep your installed Language Packs and dictionaries unaltered.
* If you have Version 2.5, you only need to update the exe file.

Warning: Scrabble may be racist!

In my Scrabble FAQ, I mention what languages I can read. At some point, Scrabble was featured on a Spanish freeware site, and subsequently I received a lot of e-mail in Spanish, so I added a comment asking people not to send mail in Spanish as I wouldn't understand it.

Apparently, Mr. Nicolás Jiménez found this so exhaltingly offensive that he went for the trouble of sending me a highly amusing hate-mail in which I am described as "racist" and "Nazi". He goes on to explain that "such a sucker can't have possibly written a good game".

If you're this easily offended, I highly recommend against downloading Scrabble, much less playing it; for all you know, the computer might play "fuck" next to "you".

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