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Post: scrabble spirituality /February 14, 2008

scrabble spirituality

I used a word today while playing scrabble. As I placed the tiles for my 15 point word, I pondered. Maybe this is what we are, where we are? After years of serving in the church, years of being transformed by Christ and His word living in us…
rill or rille: (noun) 1. a small stream 2. a small channel (as one formed by soil erosion)

…a small channel carved out by the living water of Jesus Christ - designed to flow out into the world that is unreachable to the church - as in the “organized religious instituition” sense of the word.

When we moved to La Crosse 10 years ago we began a journey with the Church -as in “the hope of the world, the hands and feet of Jesus sense of the word. It’s been a wild, beautiful, treacherous journey. Over the past four years it’s almost been like playing that game where you are blindfolded and you have to listen to the voices of your team to guide you.

Some of the voices we have listened to have caused us to bump into things and get hurt. Part of the game though, is that you keep going, so we have. Some voices have caused confusion, and at times we have felt a strong sense of confidence in the direction we are going.

Today, we are trying to sort out the voice that we can trust.ANYWAY…a rill - years of moving, living water and eventually a stream appears that now can pour that living water into places that were not reached before. Maybe.Of course “rille” is also defined as a narrow channel of the surface of the moon.

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