The Latest in Handheld Gaming From PSP

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Post: The Latest in Handheld Gaming From PSP / November 28, 2008

The Latest in Handheld Gaming From PSP

As you hold it in your hand this small, shiny and compact device the size of a small console controller looks glamorous and intriguing even before it’s switched on. Available in a range of colours all in brushed metal, with more with customisable designs to follow, this handheld gaming system reeks of style and cool.

When you turn it on the brightness and sharpness of the colours and graphics will leave your pleasantly surprised, and are even better than the previous PSP editions. The games are still the most graphically demanding and pleasant to look at out of all the hand held consoles and some of the current bundles available offer a very good deal of six games with your purchase (including up to date releases such as Harry Potter).

The new PSP 3000 has had a microphone added into it which allows for free phone calls via Skype, which is proving to be a large selling point, especially as many are still waiting for the ideal combination of a mobile phone and a decent gaming platform.

The screen has been dramatically improved compared to the previous PSP and its evident when you pop in your old games you really will notice the difference. Colours are more varied and deep, shading and depth come across much better and just makes the eye candy element better.

Another addition to the screen is a different coating which allows for you to see the screen better, and play outside. The downside to previous PSP screens was that reflection of light could make it hard to see what you where doing, but this has been removed!

If you are playing indoors and can hook your PSP to a mains point you can take advantage of the “extra bright” option which is now available. This powers the screen to a brighter element than when the PSP is running off the battery and this makes the screen even more crisp and clean than it already is.

Food, Family, Friends, and...Scrabble?

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Post: Food, Family, Friends, and...Scrabble? / November 28, 2008

Food, Family, Friends, and...Scrabble?

My sweetie, lil one, and I packed up and went to visit family in the town over from us for Thanksgiving. We went down on Wednesday so that I could help my step dad cook dinner.

Well my mom ended up not having to go into work, and somehow we lost all of the men. Our land has a very large tree that fell and off the men went to check it out. My uncle, stepdad, and now sweetie are all into woodworking.

So they took off with the chainsaw, the lil one, and were gone til dinner time. As it turns out the majority of our land (and oh how this makes me happy) is filled with maple trees. There are a few black walnut trees as well which are great for making wooden items. My sweetie had to come back home last night so that he could go to work, but we had a great time.

After all were fed and the dishes cleared we filled the table with games. I've never seen such competition. It's been a long time since we've had enough people to sit around and play a good game. Taboo was probably the most competitive, followed by scrabble with people who spell words that I've never even heard of, and lastly the very simple game of Guess Who?

My littlest sister seems to be the queen of this one. All in all it was a great night, and I found myself abound with blessings for which to give thanks. The only regret I have is that I did not take my camera. Of all the things to forget.

Thanksgiving Word Games

Thanksgiving Word Games

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Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Challenge

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Printable Thanksgiving Games
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Post: Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Challenge / 21.08.08

Printable Thanksgiving Crossword

Puzzle Challenge

Of all the Thanksgiving printable games, one of the tougher to explain to children is a crossword puzzle. This is not because the child lacks the capacity to understand what a printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle entails.

It is just that the game is a lot less self-explanatory than most others. This, however, is not much of a problem. All that is required is a clear presentation of how the game is played. So, here is a simple way of explaining the rules of a printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle to a younger audience.

The concept of a crossword puzzle is fairly simple. A person simply must answer a variety of questions in a manner that corresponds to the number of letters available on the crossword. That is, if the crossword puzzle reflects the correct answer to be 16 letters then the person playing the game is required to provide an answer with sixteen letters.

Here is an example of how a printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle will work:
2 Across: What do people usually eat for Thanksgiving?
When you look at the corresponding blocks for ?2 across? there is space for six letters. So, the answer turkey would be a safe bet. However, the answer must also correspond with the ?down questions? that can be formed by the answers to the across questions. For example, let?s look at the following:

4 Down: What do most people eat as a trimming with their turkey?
4 down begins with the last letter of 2 across and it is a four letter word. (Don?t worry, it is not a bad four letter word) The end letter of 2 across is ?Y? so this would be the first letter of 4 down. As such, it would be a reasonable guess to conclude that the answer to 4 down is ?yams?.
It would also be somewhat helpful to explain to a young one that these games come with a host of values. Namely, it will increase their ability to think, write, and read. Obviously, these are all great skills that anyone ? young or old ? would find most beneficial. Granted, most young ones may not recognize the value of this.

However, as they grow older the value will eventually manifest. If you can get them hooked on crossword puzzles when younger, they will benefit dramatically from it. They might not appreciate this at first but they will discover the great benefits as time marches on!

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Funny Sides of Scrabble-2

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Funny Sides of Scrabble-2

When you rearrange the letters












THE EARTHQUAKES: When you rearrange the letters:









Funny Sides of Scrabble-1

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Funny Sides of Scrabble-1


Expanding Vocabulary the Play Way

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Post: Expanding Vocabulary the Play Way / 10 November 2008

Expanding Vocabulary the Play Way

Lately my game fever is back. It is that phase carrying on in which I feel like getting hooked to playing word games – my favourite brain booster.

I think they are a brilliant change from the usual learning tips to improve our vocabulary. Word games such as crosswords, quizzes, puzzles, or text twist are interesting, different and enjoyable. Not only do these games provide entertainment, they help us apply what we have learnt thus far. And playing these games is not restricted to computer or Internet.

Reader’s Digest’s Word Power section is one of the best vocabulary builder exercises I have read so far. It is a monthly bite. For each answer they provide detailed meaning, origin, and explanation, and that’s their unique style. In fact now there are millions of books and ways in which you can access such games. On Internet, my favourite is East of the Web website’s Eight Letter word game. Wanna play? Visit:

The Eight Letter game helps you build as many words as you can out of a set of letters, precisely out of eight letters. The sets keep changing as you proceed through different levels. This is exciting! Scrabble just goes a little further by helping you form words by connecting them with each other. If you play it with ‘only dictionary words allowed’ rule, it is a great brain booster.

Another fascinating game is the Text Twister, which makes you race against time, play with a set of letters, shuffle them, and guess more, more, and more.

Some of my friends agree that word games are vocabulary builders. “Of course word games help, how could they not? Crossword puzzles are a favorite of mine. Try easy ones first,” advises Bob, a friend in an online forum of English language, adding, “Read a lot and you’ll eventually pick it up. More important are vocabulary, grammar, and idioms. Read, read, read. Listen, listen, listen. And talk to native speakers as much as you can.”

Another member of the forum says, “Scrabble would probably be most helpful when played with others with a similar command of the language (and skill level). In cryptic crosswords the answers are usually pretty commonplace, obscurity being confined to the clues, but a solver without large knowledge of idioms and phrases will be rather handicapped.”

That is right. But that’s what adds to your knowledge when you try and find out more about what you don’t know. Solving crosswords, puzzles and quizzes with people who have better vocabulary than yours is especially helpful because that is when you get to learn the most. Next time using the newly learnt words in their correct places helps in remembering them forever.

Considering this, social networking websites such as Facebook and Orkut are popular platforms for people from all over the globe to play word games together and learn together. And having played many such, I can say – it is really helpful and loads of fun.
Try some and gain score – in life and in game.

Favorite iPhone Apps

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Post: Favorite iPhone Apps / 2008-10-21

Favorite iPhone Apps

I’ve gone a little app crazy I guess you could say, with 76 iPhone applications that have been listed on my post “Downloaded iPhone Apps“. The next question is which apps are my favorites as well as an estimated all used? Of course the Phone, Camera, Text, Safari, Mail, as well as App Store are at the top. Other than the vitals here’s the list of my favorite as well as an estimated all used apps that I’ve downloaded via the App Store.


I’ve at all times wanted to be able to know what that song I just listened to on the radio was as well as the announcers would never say. Shazam comes in very useful on behalf of knowing. All you do is hit the “Tag Now” button on the top right corner as well as let the app do the identifying for you.


The name speaks on behalf of itself. Movies lists a catalog of over 50,000 films as well as more than 10,000 trailers. You can see when as well as where the movie is playing at local theaters as well as even see what others have rated the movie before you go out as well as see it.


Oh the Facebook app! What more do you require other than complete mobile Facebook? With the recent update it’s more functional than ever, you’re on Facebook, just without the computer. I would like to see the wall-to-wall feature on the application.


Remote turns your iPhone into a mobile iTunes library right from your computer. It comes in very useful when you’re listening to music across the office or house as well as you don’t desire to jog all of the way back to your computer to pick the next song. All you require is a WiFi as well as about 3 minutes to configure everything.


Twinkle is Twitter on location as well as picture steroids. You don’t even have to have a twitter account to chat with people that are nearby or halfway around the world. I utilize it to update my twitter account when I’m not around my laptop as well as to attach photos I’ve taken from my iPhone.


I must warn you I’m a huge Boggle nerd, born as well as raised I guess you could say. Wurdle takes Boggle to another level and integrates it with the iPhone. I’m in love. Wurdle claims in the App Store that it’s the an estimated all popular paid word game on the iPhone.


EA has took Scrabble to the iPhone. I’m just reading what is in the new version as well as it seems that two players can link via WiFi to play against each other. That shall come very useful when my mom as well as I are bored combined somewhere, no one shall ever know what exactly we’re doing.

Tap Tap

Is like Dance Dance Revolution on behalf of your fingers. I can’t quite get the hang of it, but I’ll retain trying.
EA announced that The Sims 3 is scheduled on behalf of release on the iPhone in conjunction with Need on behalf of Speed Undercover. These are on my list to retain a look out for!

“EA Mobile today also announced nine titles in development on behalf of the iPhone as well as iPod touch, pending regional availability. This list includes YAHTZEE Adventures, EA Mini Golf, Lemonade Tycoon™, Mahjong, MONOPOLY: Here & Now The World Edition, SimCity, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09, Need on behalf of Speed™ Undercover, as well as The Sims™ 3.”
Happy iPhone-ing!!!

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