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Post: Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Challenge / 21.08.08

Printable Thanksgiving Crossword

Puzzle Challenge

Of all the Thanksgiving printable games, one of the tougher to explain to children is a crossword puzzle. This is not because the child lacks the capacity to understand what a printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle entails.

It is just that the game is a lot less self-explanatory than most others. This, however, is not much of a problem. All that is required is a clear presentation of how the game is played. So, here is a simple way of explaining the rules of a printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle to a younger audience.

The concept of a crossword puzzle is fairly simple. A person simply must answer a variety of questions in a manner that corresponds to the number of letters available on the crossword. That is, if the crossword puzzle reflects the correct answer to be 16 letters then the person playing the game is required to provide an answer with sixteen letters.

Here is an example of how a printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle will work:
2 Across: What do people usually eat for Thanksgiving?
When you look at the corresponding blocks for ?2 across? there is space for six letters. So, the answer turkey would be a safe bet. However, the answer must also correspond with the ?down questions? that can be formed by the answers to the across questions. For example, let?s look at the following:

4 Down: What do most people eat as a trimming with their turkey?
4 down begins with the last letter of 2 across and it is a four letter word. (Don?t worry, it is not a bad four letter word) The end letter of 2 across is ?Y? so this would be the first letter of 4 down. As such, it would be a reasonable guess to conclude that the answer to 4 down is ?yams?.
It would also be somewhat helpful to explain to a young one that these games come with a host of values. Namely, it will increase their ability to think, write, and read. Obviously, these are all great skills that anyone ? young or old ? would find most beneficial. Granted, most young ones may not recognize the value of this.

However, as they grow older the value will eventually manifest. If you can get them hooked on crossword puzzles when younger, they will benefit dramatically from it. They might not appreciate this at first but they will discover the great benefits as time marches on!

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