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Post: The Latest in Handheld Gaming From PSP / November 28, 2008

The Latest in Handheld Gaming From PSP

As you hold it in your hand this small, shiny and compact device the size of a small console controller looks glamorous and intriguing even before it’s switched on. Available in a range of colours all in brushed metal, with more with customisable designs to follow, this handheld gaming system reeks of style and cool.

When you turn it on the brightness and sharpness of the colours and graphics will leave your pleasantly surprised, and are even better than the previous PSP editions. The games are still the most graphically demanding and pleasant to look at out of all the hand held consoles and some of the current bundles available offer a very good deal of six games with your purchase (including up to date releases such as Harry Potter).

The new PSP 3000 has had a microphone added into it which allows for free phone calls via Skype, which is proving to be a large selling point, especially as many are still waiting for the ideal combination of a mobile phone and a decent gaming platform.

The screen has been dramatically improved compared to the previous PSP and its evident when you pop in your old games you really will notice the difference. Colours are more varied and deep, shading and depth come across much better and just makes the eye candy element better.

Another addition to the screen is a different coating which allows for you to see the screen better, and play outside. The downside to previous PSP screens was that reflection of light could make it hard to see what you where doing, but this has been removed!

If you are playing indoors and can hook your PSP to a mains point you can take advantage of the “extra bright” option which is now available. This powers the screen to a brighter element than when the PSP is running off the battery and this makes the screen even more crisp and clean than it already is.

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