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: sex and scrabble / Dec. 26th, 2008

sex and scrabble

My daughter sent me this today, and I mean, really, way to go to, Hannah. Like I really need this with my psychology...
But you see, this actually happened to me on Christmas Eve, when I was playing scrabble with my children. I looked at six letters in a row in my little tray and they literally spelt out: V - A - G - I - N - A

There was an N already on the board, but 3 people to go before me, and part of me was saying "Someone use the N", and an even bigger (competitive) part of me was saying "Don't use the N"... and they didn't.
The thing is, this really shouldn't happen to someone transsexual. I *so* need a vagina of my own, it's so central to my psychology, and this was ridiculous - the letters, in order, just spelling it out for me... like fate.
So I put down the word.

In my defence, V was on a triple-letter square.
Also to be fair they weren't that shocked. I like to think they're realistic and down-to-earth about these things.

But in two years' time, when it's not just words, I wonder how I'll spell out L-O-V-E...

Because, of course, words themselves are never enough.

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