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Post: Bridal Shower Games / February 28, 2008

Bridal Shower Games

The Wedding Planning process can take up a life of it own. It would be a great thing if Bridal showers were a process for relieving the pent up stress of the Planning process. With some of these simple steps it can be a fun and happy day. Make sure you include some Bridal Shower Games to loosen up the atmosphere and help the Bride relax. These are some sample game ideas, or you could do your own.

Bridal Pictionary - Give each person a paperplate, some crayons and a blindfold! Have each person make their best attempt at drawing a picture of what they think the bride will look like on her wedding day. Make the picture as detailed as possible with veil, train, jewelry, etc.

Give everyone 2 minutes or so and let the bride-to-be select which drawing is a close resemblance. Winner gets a prize. The pictures will be hilarious and the bride can keep them to look back on for years of laughter.

Bathroom Tissue Fashion Show - Select teams of 2 parties each and give each team 2 rolls of bathroom tissue. Each team is responsible for designing a wedding gown made of tissue and one person from each team must strut their stuff on the runway of sorts.

Accessories are allowed (earrings, bouquet, headpiece) but they all have to be made out of tissue. Play some lively music for the big reveal. The most creative team wins!

Who Knows Me Best - The bride-to-be can work on this one with the hostess ahead of time to choose several questions that only those in the know will have the answers to. The more outrageous the questions, the more laughter resounds. Answers can be in a multiple choice format to help participants along a bit if you like. By the end of this game, everyone will know the bride-to-be a bit more than before.

Make up your own. As you see it isn't that hard, just combine two things, The Bride and any game. If the bride likes scrabble you could do Wedding Scrabble and only Wedding words are allowed. The options are limitless.

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