Area literacy council offers scrabble fun


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Post: Area literacy council offers scrabble fun/February 04, 2008

Area literacy council offers scrabble fun

The board of Scrabble is not only fun but will be used as a fundraiser by the Northwest Ohio Literacy Council on Feb. 9 at Keese Hall on the Rhodes State College campus.

A mother-daughter team from Delphos, Becky Hirn and her mother, Gloria Baughn will be participating for their third year. Hirn explained their team name, “Graceless Rabbit,” is an anagram for “Scrabble is Great.”

In their previous competition, they have won awards for the highest point round, highest scoring word and highest scoring board. As Hirn pointed out, “There’s a winner in every category.”

There are three categories to compete in. Wiliest Word-Builders in Lima consists of teams of 2-4 players of family, friends or club members who play four 45-minute rounds. There is a $35 entry fee. B4: Battle of the Businesses – Brains not Brawn are teams of 3-6 players who can bring home the traveling trophy.

Teams play four 45-minute rounds; there is a $150 entry fee. Head-2-Head plays alone for the Scrabble crown. There is a $10 entry fee and individuals play four 45-minute rounds with a 15-minute break between each.

Hirn and Baughn play in the Wiliest Word Builders category and can earn $1 per point up to 500 points submitted at registration from sponsors. The Battle of the Businesses can earn up to 750 points. No crib sheet is allowed and buying one peek at a dictionary costs 25 cents.

The word and its placement are announced during the opening ceremony and all letters for each player’s board are face up and players build words from there. Baughn said, “I study by reviewing long words with letters like ‘x’ in them so we can get a lot of points out of a word.”

Hirn, who is secretary of the Northwest Ohio Literacy Council, said the fundraiser is not only fun but the monies raised go to the council to teach adults to read.

“Volunteers are trained and matched with the students. They set their own goal, be it how to fill out a job application, get a driver’s license or read to a grandchild, whatever their goal is. Services are provided free, which is the purpose of this fundraiser to raise money for that,” she said.

To participate in the Scrabble fundraiser, contact David Reedy, The Learning Center, 419-995-8049. Registration beings at noon on Feb. 9 and the closing ceremony is set for 5 p.m.

For those who would like to be trained to teach adults to read or are in need of the services provided by the Northwest Ohio Literacy Council, call 419-223-0252.

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