Forms, SOA, Scrabble and War in Finland

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Post: Forms, SOA, Scrabble and War in Finland / 14/02/08

Forms, SOA, Scrabble and War in Finland

Wednesday saw me in Finland running the Forms/SOA event. A turnout of about 40 people filled about 3/4 of the room so again, not a bad turnout.

The event was mostly attended by Oracle partners so my goal is that each of these partners will be able to carry our strategic message to their customers as well. So, as in pyramid selling, we should get the message out to everyone in Finland in about a week! ;o)

One interesting point came up in one of the slides that one of the partners presented (in Finnish). "Kyvykkyys " which I think means "ability" (correct me if I'm wrong)...Now, that has got to be a winner on a triple word score in Scrabble!. What is the scoring of scrabble in Finland?

Final fact that I heard (not sure how true) but the UK and Finland are the only two democracies to have declared war on each other!

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