Monopoly and Scrabble To XBLA?


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Post: Monopoly and Scrabble To XBLA? / Feb, 11

Monopoly and Scrabble To XBLA?

Before today’s press release, I had evidence that Monopoly and Scrabble was possibly coming to Xbox Live Arcade. However, we were asked to not post anything, so we waited for EA to make the first move. This morning, they did…

We got a press release which detailed EA’s plans to release many Hasbro games to and the Nintendo Wii… yet no news about Xbox Live Arcade. After reading it all over though, we found this very important sentence…

EA also is developing new Monopoly and Scrabble ®(in North America) titles for multiple platforms, as well as other titles that will be announced later this year.

Does this mean that Xbox Live Arcade will be getting Monopoly and Scrabble by the end of the year? We believe so, but again, consider this a rumor for now since we don’t have any hard evidence that we can show… just yet.

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