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Post: Scrabble & Standardized Tests /February 05, 2008

Scrabble & Standardized Tests

You know, a lot of popular books today use the smallest possible words within the smallest possible sentences to get their point across. I don’t understand this mentality. I mean, what’s wrong with big words, or just uncommon words? Why do we have to use the same thirty words to make every argument we might have throughout the day? What’s wrong with a run-on sentence. I talk in run-on sentences all the time. Why can’t I write in them?

And do you know why the use of a thesaurus should stop being prohibited by editors and publishers? It’s beneficial for society, that’s why! It will help kids who are taking ACTs, GREs and other acronyms. It will help those who always get beaten at Scrabble. Let us spread the literacy.

It’s a good thing.

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