Speed Scrabble & Boyd's Bowhunting

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Post: Speed Scrabble & Boyd's Bowhunting/ February 07, 2008

Speed Scrabble & Boyd's Bowhunting

I played a game that I enjoyed the other night. Speed Scrabble. The way I know I enjoyed it was that I lasted more than two rounds--ha! That doesn't happen with many board games and me. Fun game.

Each person starts with 7 pieces, someone says "go", and you turn the pieces over. From there, the first to use all 7 pieces in forming words then says "go" and alerts everyone to take a piece from the pile. You keep going until all pieces are gone from the pile. Then, the first person to have all their pieces used in words wins. Fun game. Makes you think.

Monday night I went to Boyd Guyman's home. Boyd is a good fishing friend of Pop and I. At Trish's wedding reception I found out that he used to be big into archery. One of my goals, or interests, has been bowhunting. So, I asked Boyd at the reception if he wouldn't mind sharing the tricks of the trade with me. I finally took him up on it this week. Real good.

I don't necessarily want to bowhunt animals, but would like to get a target and set it up in the backyard. I need to check out deals going on at Cabelas. Boyd gave me good insights into what I need and should look at getting. Shooting a bow and arrow is fun.

I remember shooting carp with Karl and Travis (my uncle and cousin) in Idaho when I was a boy....had a blast. I may want to get into carp bowhunting.

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