Scrabble - the Intense Word Game


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Post: Scrabble - the Intense Word Game / Feb 16, 2008

Scrabble - the Intense Word Game

Some people like to play checkers,
Other people like to play chest.
But when it comes to intense excitement,
Scrabble is the best.

Just take those little letters
And figure out a way
To make big scoring words
From the letters in your tray.

Be cautious and not cocky
When you see what you can do
To make a crushing word
By using your letter Q.

Put your letter tile on double-letter,
Watch out for double-score.
You just made a triple-letter
As you dance across the floor.

The competition is heating up,
The tiles are disappearing.
You're leading by a little bit,
But you know the end is nearing.

With one last turn you find a way
To put down the word "hawk."
You've won the game, you smile with glee,
Now you no longer need to squawk.

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