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Post: Scrabbulous / 03.01.2008


Look at what I made! Got the idea from a post on Craftster and I'm really happy with my version of the original. It took about two hours, an old clock, and two old Scrabble games to make, so it was an instant gratification project. Yay! Here are two (rather crappy, from the cell) pictures--a glamour shot and an action shot. :)

I should note that you need tiles for two Scrabble games, or enough to make up for the number of letters V and E that you will need. You definitely need two more Vs than the standard issue and one or two more Es.

I did the project mostly backwards, so here's how I recommend doing it in the right order.
# Glue two wooden rulers or garden stakes to the back of the board, running longitudinally across the fold.
# Take two square ¾" dowels, about 15½" long, and affix with screws across the top and bottom of the board. This is so the clock movement won't be directly against the wall.
# Drill a hole in the center of the star. Make sure the stem of your clock movement fits it

# Glue the tiles to the gameboard, making sure to line up the quarter hours correctly. I added a blank tile to the word "twelve" so that it would center correctly. Later, I'll stencil a black star on the blank tile. (No, I can't draw a star to my satisfaction and, yes, I need a stencil to draw practically anything.)

1. Disembowel your old clock. I used an old $3, plastic kitchen clock to make mine. Clock movements cost about $7 and the hands that come with are tiny. I thought about gluing coffee stirs or something to the tiny hands and attaching little Scrabble tile stickers to spell out "hours" and "minutes", but then I thought better of it. Might have been too precious. *Make a note of how the second, minute & hour hands attach to the movement. I did not make a note, so I spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out.*

2. Poke your clock movement through the hole and glue to back of board.

3. Put your clock hands on.

4. Put battery in clock movement and set the clock.

I think I spent under $10 on the clock, including materials and battery. If you don't inherit an old Scrabble game, I'd recommend checking thrift stores instead of buying new. If you do buy a new one, caveat emptor.

I've seen a newer version of the board that's all multicolored and swirly, so check out the box for the look you like.

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