Custom Scrabble Tile Magnet Box Set


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Post: Custom Scrabble Tile Magnet Box Set / 20.01.2008

Custom Scrabble Tile Magnet Box Set

Any 4 letters in any combination made into this durable and functional and playful magnet set.

These are extra strength and come in a large complimenting slide top tin. The tin is decorated with paper used to make the real Scrabble tournament boards, it is high quality and authentic. The tin comes with 2 removable magnets, use it as a place to hide fridge notes or slide the magnets off and use it as a keepsake tin. They have each been varnished for longevity.

*Please note due to the limited spaces on the scrabble paper I cannot guarantee you will receive a triple word score on your tin, each is made with at least 1 space value but not all will have the triple word space.

*Need an extra letter? Just ask, 4 letters fit in the tin but if you need to LAUGH or VERVE just let me know, 5th letter is free of charge.

To receive your CUSTOM ORDER simply put the word you'd like sent under MESSAGE TO SELLER when you check out.

Littleput magnet sets ship free with all other shop purchases.

These items are small and can create a choking hazard, they are not recommended for young children.

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