Hasbro Tries To Shut Down Scrabulous


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Post: Hasbro Tries To Shut Down Scrabulous / 11.01.2008

Hasbro Tries To Shut Down Scrabulous

“Is Hasbro just a stupid Potato Head? Or is this a brilliant game of Stratego?” That’s the big question Fortune’s Josh Quittner (my former boss) asks as he reports that Hasbro, the toy company that owns Scrabble, is trying to shut down Scrabulous,
one of the most popular Facebook apps.

Scrabulous lets you play an online version of Scrabble with your Facebook friends. The app boasts 569,000 daily active user, ranking it No. 9 right after Slide’s SuperPoke, No. 8, and ahead of iLike, No. 10.

Scrabulous co-founder Jayant Agarwalla, 21, confirms that Hasbro “sent a notice to Facebook about two weeks ago. The lawyers are working on it.”

Quittner suggests that someone start a Facebook group to save Scrabulous, but we all know how much good that is likely to do.

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