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Location: Nepal
Blog Summary: WELCOME FROM NEPAL SCRABBLE ASSOCIATION~ NAMASTE! We would like to welcome all Scrabble enthusiasts to join this blog. Its a beautiful experience to spend your free time and play and increase your word power.Not only is Scrabble for young children it is fit for all ages!
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Post: Internet Scrabble Club (ISC)/ 20.01.2008

Internet Scrabble Club (ISC)

"The ISC is the best place on the Internet to play Scrabble in a relaxed friendly environment. You can compete at your own level in English, French, Romanian, Italian, or Dutch while meeting new people and making friends from around the world."To play on ISC you download the software from the ISC site and follow the instructions on the site.

There are players from all over the world.

There is a rating system. You can choose which dictionary reference and challenge rule you want to use.

Have a great game!I ensure you from my own experience,it is such a thrill and it expands your word power and it is great fun meeting new people from all over the world!

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