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A Scrabble Story

When I was a kid, my dad, grandparents, and various other family members always wanted to play Scrabble. I loathed the game, maybe for the simple reason that it took forever and I had a short attention span. Or, maybe because I just didn't know as many words as they did so it was just hard to play. My dad would double my score if I didn't need him to help me, and I would still get the least amount of points.

For the longest time it was basically impossible for me to ever win a board game... EVER. Okay, I know what all of you parent types are saying. It doesn't MATTER if you win. Okay, sure, that's great the first few times you lose but EVERY TIME? I mean, someone throw me a bone once in awhile you know?

That has all changed now... I actually enjoy playing scrabble now that my vocabulary is maturing. I still can't do actual crossword puzzles without going insane, but I LOVE to play scrabble, and I'm getting pretty friggin good at it too. In fact, I've been beating John every single time we play, and I would say he has a bigger vocabulary than I do. My score is consistently in the 230 - 330 mark and getting higher the more I play.

I have decided that I have a goal with this. I'm going to get so good, and then play a match with my Dad. Now, for those of you who don't know the extent of how much my Dad loves Scrabble -- the man seriously plays a game EVERY day on his computer.

If he has a good game, he will write down the final board on a piece of paper (however, I don't really understand this very much, especially after I took a picture of one of my games -- you forget why it was so special and the only time I ever had the desire to go look at it again was to illustrate this post, but hey, different strokes for different folks). He used to try and get my brother and I to play all of the time. The man just loves Scrabble and he is very good at it.

Now, Voxers. I have a question. I know there are places online to play Scrabble... but is it possible that I could play with an opponent of my choosing?

For example, could I tell my dad to get on a website at a certain time and meet me for a game? I will probably be able to answer my own question in a few minutes actually... but you know.

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