Do the Chinese play Scrabble?


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Do the Chinese play Scrabble?

If the Chinese language has one symbol per word, hence an alphabet of over 12,000 characters, how do they play Scrabble?

Or do they resort to the phonetic version of their written language?
Supplement from 01/05/2008 08:35pm:
OK, they have Scrabble, a recent developmetn which took years to develop.

Do they also have crosswords? Or is this the reason Sudoku is so popular over there? =o)

Yes they play Scrabble but not with the traditional character set we are familiar with.

Chinese characters can all be expressed in Pinyin, a "transliteration schema", which is similar to our Latin alphabet. They also use Pinyin for their computer keyboards.

It was a good question, Wumpus. I suppose Japanese would do something similar. copy

Apparently they do. The link below says so but the link they refer to has an expired domain name copy
Supplement from 01/05/2008 08:41pm:

Chinese version of scrabble is called squabble - copy

Yes they do have crosswords I've seen them in the local Chinese newspaper.
Supplement from 01/05/2008 08:46pm:

Chinese crossword copy


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