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Post: Please Save Scrabulous / 13.01.2008

Please Save Scrabulous

Those of you that know me, know that I am in law school to become an IP attorney, so its kind of with mixed feelings that I write about this. I really enjoy playing Scrabble, I really enjoy playing it on Facebook using the application Scrabulous, so it was with a lot of sadness that I read about Hasbro is attempting to shut down Scrabulous.

The site which lauched in 2006, started their Facebook application in June 2007 and is now in the top 10 applications on Facebook with 569,000 daily active users and 70 million page views last month.

Fortune blogger, Josh Quittner, suggesting starting a Facebook group to save it, but TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld pointed out how that didn’t work for Business 2.0.

As I write this there is no petition group that I could find, but that may change, I may start one, because I really love the app, and I’d hate to see it go away, even if that probably won’t work.

There are of course other places to play Scrabble online, including the Internet Scrabble Club, but the great part about Scrabulous is that you can play it with anyone on Facebook without really leaving that site that you already visit anyway, who wants to sign up for yet another service(different than another app) just to play a game that your friends may not sign up if its detached from Facebook.

I mean look at the success of the app versus all the sites that have it already(including Yahoo’s slightly modified version).

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