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Post: Word Play With Scrabble Jewellery By Katarina Louise…. / December 7th, 2009

Word Play With Scrabble Jewellery By Katarina Louise….

The latest unusual yet quirky jewellery trend is upon us. When we spotted these scrabble pieces, which come in the shape of rings and pendants, we were admittedly
unsure as to the desirability of this concept. I mean, love letters yes, often seen as wonderfully dainty and contemporary pieces of fine jewellery. But Scrabble letters?

However, we have spotted these strangely desirable pieces on the talented Pixie Lott recently, and we have to admit, they look great! Designed by the talented jewellery designer Katarina Louise who enjoys international success with her eclectic jewellery collections, inspired from all corners of the world, bringing huge success and attention to the brand.

Pixie Lott has recently been quoted in Glamour magazine singing the praises of Katarina’s designs: ”My make-up artist gave me a pendant with a ‘P’ tile from Scrabble on it by an Australian designer called Katarina Louise. It’s my favourite piece.”

Available in necklaces and rings, take Pixie’s example and wear your name spelled out on each finger or drape your initials around your neck! The Scrabble collection ranges from £5 to £20. Check out Katarina’s other designs too, we are particularly fans of her wonderful charm bracelets!

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