How to Play Scrabble Slam


SCRABBLE SLAM is one of the newest versions of Scrabble.

Scrabble Slam is a high-speed four letter word game, race against each other to change the existing word and get rid of your cards.

Slam is a quick game. It can be made to be even faster with fewer face-up piles and it can be made to be a good bit more challenging with more face-up piles. The 4-piles that the rules specify make a good game, but it is not a game of scrabble.

I expect that playing Slam is a good way to build some flexibility with words that could both improve one's spelling and prepare a young newbie for real scrabble.
A four letter word is laid out on the table and the remaining cards are dealt out to each player. Not all letters are present in the "deck" of 55 cards.

There are no Q's and no X's, although there are couple of Z's and several Blanks . Each card has two letters on it, one on the front and one on the back, and this allows the player a lot of flexibility to change words that are on the board.

Each player then takes it in turn to lay down a single card anywhere on the 4 letter word. For instance, player 1 may spell GRIM and player two lays down a P to make it GRIP.

Player 1 may respond with a T making it TRIP. As the game progresses it can become somewhat challenging to make words out and needless to say that you'll want to get rid of the harder letters as soon as possible (Z, J, K, etc.) because if that's all you have left at the end of the game you're going to be in a world of hurt. The person with the fewest cards at the end of the game wins.

If one wants to up the difficulty a bit simply up the number of letters in the word. Just making it 5 letters long had a noticeable effect and made it much more challenging.

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