Christmas Scrabble Game Kids Can Make

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Post: Christmas Scrabble Game Kids Can Make / November 27, 2006

Christmas Scrabble Game Kids Can Make

This easy Christmas craft project is a fun way for kids to create their own homemade scrabble game. They can make this simple Christmas themed scrabble game over their Christmas school break and have hours of fun playing with the family trying to spell out all of their favorite Christmas words.

To Make This Simple Christmas Themed Scrabble Game Kids Will Need:

Small square wood cut outs
Foam Core board
Black Magic Marker
Puff Paint

The fist step is to have the kids start cutting out a ton of letters from any old and leftover magazines you don’t mind recycling into a new craft project. This is one time I will recommend trying to cut out similar sized letters. You don’t have to, but your scrabble board will be a lot easier to use if you aim for similar sized letters.

Now, make piles of letters. It can be one huge pile of all of the letters; they do not have to be separated.

Now, the wood square cuts outs will not be just like a traditional scrabble board game piece. I like to buy those bags of thin wood cut outs you can get at every single arts and craft store in America. They come in bags and 100 thin wood cut outs cost about $5. I find them near the Popsicle sticks al the time. You can use any shape you want, like hearts and circles.

Now, take the simple letters you cut out from the magazine. Paint some decoupage onto the back of the paper. Press it onto one wood square cut out. Now, press it into place. Paint over the front of the paper with your decoupage as well.

Now, continue this process with all of your letters. You will need white a few pieces.

Now, for the game board. I can’t tell you what size you will need, because you will need to base that on the size of your wood cut outs.

In general you should try to make about 30 rows each way. So, simply use a ruler to measure how tall and wide your wood blocks are. Make each row wide enough to accommodate it.

I like to trace these lines out on my foam coward board with a ruler and a very thin magic marker.

Be sure to leave some room at the top to write the name “Christmas Scrabble.”

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