Scrabble Word Play Poker Card Game

Scrabble Word Play Poker Card Game

This game combines the best of the classic game of Scrabble with the high stakes excitement of Poker!

The classic board game of Scrabble gets an extreme fun makeover with this portable, card version.

Using some of the rules of standard 7-card draw poker, Scrabble Word Play Poker allows players to discard undesirable letter cards in favor of replacements in order to spell higher scoring words.

A game to please both word lovers and poker players is in the cards. Includes 110 Scrabble Word Play Poker Cards and instructions.

Players weave spelling skills together within the framework of a poker style game for an 'all in' fun game. Seven cards are dealt to each player, which contain letters and point values. Players may replace up to three cards in their hand, with cards from the dealer's deck.

Each player lays down the highest point value word that they can spell. At the end of the round, the person with the highest points wins the hand. The winner is the person with the highest score after 10 rounds.

Also includes rules for a Hold 'Em Style game! Players will combine the letters in their hand with the community cards in the center of the table to form words. Score is determined the same as the regular game.

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