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Post: Speed Scrabble / November 25, 2009

Speed Scrabble

I forgot how much i love Speed Scrabble. Spent most of last night trying to remember the rules. Here's what we came up with...

1. Speed Scrabble is played with out the actual Scrabble board. It uses just the tiles.

2. Each player gets seven tiles (all tiles are placed facing down in the center of the table.)

3. One player says "Go" then each player turns over their seven tiles and tries to form words in front of them. (You will have your own scrabble layout in front of you) So say your letters are C T A F R O N So you could spell FRONT and then using the T spelling CAT (you can spell more then one word a turn, hence the speed part)

Here's the fun part

4. The first person to use all seven letters yells GO

5. Each person then grabs two more letters and continues to spell words on their own scrabble set up.

6. This continues until all letters are used once the last letter is used in a word the game suddenly stops. Everyone adds up their letters and subtracts any letters they have left over.

*tip sometimes the game will get stuck once that happens everyone verbally agrees to take two letters and the game continues. For additional tips wiki speed scrabble.

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