Scrabble Controversy

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Post: Scrabble Controversy / Feb,23

Scrabble Controversy

Recently there has been a large complain launched by parents buying their children scrabble on the DS on the grounds that it contains offensive language.

The Daily mail jumped on this, like every other outrageous game related topic they can find. They use an example of the game having the word tit in it; this apparently is considered offensive to the children even though the word tit also means a small garden bird.

The scrabble dictionary as many avid scrabble players know is rather extensive covering all words, why do parents not realise the children will be children, and if you give them a bunch of letters to play around wit the first thing they will do is see how rude they can make a sentence I remember playing scrabble for this reason entirely and; laughing my head off as I laid down some childish words, who hasn’t done something like this?.

Countless angry parents have since written in to the daily mail about how the game developers can have the audacity to include words like balls tit and other mildly rude words.

It’s not like the Ai is spelling c*%$ or f?@* continually. Another gripe brought up by the wonderful daily mail readership is 18 rated games a lady wrote in to say that she had bought her child an 18 rated game and was disgraced that the characters swore in it.

how protective do parents need to be, is this too far? why does the daily mail hate games?

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