Make a Valentine's Day Scrabble Themed Picture Frame

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Post: Make a Valentine's Day Scrabble Themed Picture Frame / February 01, 2007

Make a Valentine's Day Scrabble Themed

Picture Frame

Here's a Valentine's Day Craft Where You Can Spell Out "I L-O-V-E Y-O-U"
Does your sweetie love Scrabble? Or do you just want to give your sweetie a crafty gift that will say I LOVE YOU, and really "spell it out"? Well, then this Valentine's Day Scrabble Picture Frame is f
or you!

This Scrabble frame is cute for any word lovers in your life - whether it be Scrabble, or crossword puzzles, or fellow writers. One great tip for you - you can find Scrabble sets on for reasonable prices and quite a few ebayers sell just the tiles because crafters use Scrabble tiles for quite a few different crafts at this point.

So this is a great, pretty unique and kind of quirky craft to do for someone special in your life. It will certainly be one-of-a-kind - they can't get it in a store!

To make this craft you will need:

a wide rimmed picture frame

red, pink or white craft paint

a foam brush

thin red ribbon (the width of the picture frame to wrap around the outside rim of the picture frame)

hot glue gun

red ribbon roses

Scrabble tiles

To begin this craft first cover the area with newsprint to protect the surface. Then paint the picture frame's frame with two coats of paint in your chosen color. Also paint the rim of the picture frame. Let this dry before going on to the next step.

Now take your Scrabble tiles and decide what sweet thing you want to say. Do you want to stick with something classic like I LOVE YOU? Or BE MINE?

Or do you want to write out a cute nickname you have for them like FLOPSY MOPSY I LOVE YOU? See what is going to fit comfortably on the picture frame. Arrange the letters attractively and then hot glue gun them down onto the picture frame.

Take the red ribbon and measure the outside rim of the picture frame to see how much ribbon it will take to get all the way around. Cut off any excess.

Hot glue gun the ribbon onto the frame. Then hot glue gun some of the red ribbon roses onto the frame in a scattered pattern along the frame around the Scrabble letters.

Let the frame sit for about twenty minutes to half an hour for the glue to dry, the paint has already dried. Then put your favorite picture in it and it is ready for gift giving. Happy Valentine's Day!

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