Test Word and Poker Skills in WordKing Poker

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Post: Test Word and Poker Skills in WordKing Poker / January 4, 2009

Test Word and Poker Skills

in WordKing Poker

Combine two skills and double your fun!

If you have ever enjoyed any form of gambling, and at the same time craved some intellectual stimulation, WordKing Poker has got to be the game for you.
At least, that is what I feel about it. In WordKing Poker you get to play poker and scrabble all at the same time! What this game is in effect is a poker game which uses scrabble pieces!
That is why I always call it poker for the intellect. And you can play it wherever you are at any time of day or night since it comes on the mobile phone.

Why I love to play WordKing Poker

For me, while I always loved playing scrabble (because of the concept of the whole word forming thing of the game), I did find that it was not as cool as more high tech modern games are today. So when I found out about WordKing Poker, and saw the super cool graphics, I saw that as my opportunity to play scrabble at a higher, cooler level.
The only thing I would change about WordKing Poker is making it multiplayer. It is unfortunate that this feature is not yet included in the game.

Variety in WordKing Poker

The other cool thing about WordKing Poker is the variety it entails. You can play lots of different types of poker like 7 card stud, 5 card, Texas Hold'em and more, and at the same time use your word play skills.
The game has a really comprehensive dictionary too and the higher level game you play, the more challenging it will be for those real word buffs.

How to play WordKing Poker

Players get dealt 2 scrabble cards which have a letter and the point score (as in regular scrabble). The aim of the game is to use the letters you have (along with ones you will take from the community pile like in a poker game) so that you can create the longest and highest score words.
Depending on how much you bet will depend on how much you win.

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