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Post: SCRABBLE ( / March 2, 2008


Scrabble is a great family game for both fun and education. It is the wildly popular classic word-making board game with the use of selection of 7 letters to form the best words that score the highest points. It slowly helps to progress up the skill levels to gradually improve your vocabulary and scoring skill.

It is very challenging and suitable for both adults and teenagers. Even those who are in their late 50’s and above also capable to play these games. It is a good games to keep their senior mind busy. You can play by yourself anytime and build up your vocabulary skills. By playing scrabble, you can measure your improvement over time because it keeps track of your scores.

You can choose to play against the spectacular Artificial Intelligence, play against another player, or even play by yourself. When playing the computer, you have the choice of 8 different skill levels which is from the beginner to advance up to genius. Besides that, there is also an official scrabble dictionary where you can find out the definitions of any word played.

This is great for anyone who is trying to improve their vocabulary, especially students. Apart from that, it is also enhances your imagination and thinking. There were also similar types of games as scrabble named jamble that are available in This one is a little challenging and quite difficult compare to scrabble. I recommend advance learner to try and play this words game.

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