10 Games That Could Be Good Movies

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Post: 10 Games That Could Be Good Movies / March 15, 2009

10 Games That Could Be Good Movies

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

If Peter Jackson directed this movie and the studio could give it a big budget, Oblivion would be a great medieval fantasy movie. There are too few medieval movies out there that are worth buying a ticket for, and Oblivion has the characters and storyline to be a power house, with battles that could rival the likes of The Lord of the Rings. With a lesser director, you would just get another Dungeon Siege: In the Name of the King clone.

Chrono Cross

This game didn’t get the recognition it deserved; it had all the characteristics of a great game: a colorful cast of characters, rich and convoluted story, and an ending that left you thinking. All of those can translate into a great movie, not only with the amount of action, but also on a dramatic level that delves into character development.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There aren’t many good modern war movies today and Call of Duty could have some great action scenes, in the streets of the Middle East, or on a cargo ship in the stormy sea. Under good direction, I can see this movie being much like Black Hawk Down, which wasn’t a bad movie, just don’t cast Josh Hartnett.

Harvest Moon

Bear with me on this one; no one thinks that a farming simulation game would be fun, but it is and it’s very addictive. It would only work if it stayed close to the games and there were festivals and a number of women to potentially marry. To avoid any boring farm work scenes, you can always have a montage.

Grand Theft Auto IV

While there are enough cut scenes in the game that could make up a movie, it would be interesting to watch a movie about a guy comes to a new place and tries to make ends meet by any means necessary. It would be like Goodfellas meets a generic smash and grab British movie, sign me up.


I’m talking about the one on PSX, this would be a great adventure movie, where the kid starts out playing in the streets with a wooden stick and ends up saving the world. This game stirs the restless spirit in all of us with scenes of distant lands and sailing on the high seas.

Wild Arms

Wild Arms makes the western theme even cooler by adding interesting characters each with their own style and swagger. Any movie that has a likeable cast and cool shootouts is ok in my book.


Brought to you by the same people who made Oblivion (the 3rd Fallout anyway), a movie would be a great addition to the franchise, especially to those who played the games. The Fallout series has so many great nuances it would be a treat to see people walking around drinking nuka-colas and popping buffout in the Capital Wasteland or New Reno.

Baldur’s Gate

Numerous games in the series, books, and tons of other merchandise attest to the popularity of this franchise. Like Oblivion, this game is set in a medieval land and is any D&D fan’s delight and the movie would have to make sure to stay true to its D&D roots.


I read somewhere that it was the most costly video game to make of all time, not sure whether or not that was before or after Haze came out, but Shenmue brought martial arts back into video games and inspired many a gamer to pick up the sport. There were some great fight scenes in the game that could translate into a cinematic gem and I always enjoy seeing ancient Chinese masters handing down life lessons to wild-eyed pupils; as long as I don’t have to watch Ryo work at the docks.

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